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Josiah Eyison

About Me

Josiah Eyison

A Business Developer

Josiah Kwesi Eyison is the CEO & Co-Founder of iSpace Foundation, an innovation hub based in Accra supporting Tech and Creative Startups and Entrepreneurs through technology and business/entrepreneurship training, mentoring and a co-working space.

Before devoting his work full-time to iSpace Foundation, Josiah served as Business Development Director at Learning Without Frontiers, a global platform for disruptive thinkers and practitioners from the education, digital media, technology and entertainment sectors whose clients included Apple, Samsung, Nintendo and the UK Government.

In addition to being a positioning consultant and having a varied work experience across sectors ranging from Entertainment to Technology, Josiah has worked with the world’s leading lifestyle concierge services Quintessentially both in London and across Africa.


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Impactful Stories

With years of helping her mom in her shop to having sisters and daughter all into craftsmanship. Charity manages a platform that connects craftsmen/women and their work to market. She manages her own platform.


Moberry Agro Limited, an Agri-Business that seeks to help health-conscious urban dwellers practice organic farming by growing their own food through (but not limited to) container, backyard, balcony and rooftop gardens.

Mobery Agro

Divaloper is a community that trains and equip young people in the Northern part of Ghana especially ladies in programming, digital skills and entrepreneurship.


Sabary Tour is a luxury tour operator specialising in tailor-made holidays, honeymoons, short breaks, boutique hotels and private villas in Ghana.

Sabary Tours
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